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Unlocked: The Ricky Locke Podcast

At the start of 2021, Ricky Locke interviewed Bev & Kate for his Unlocked podcast. Ricky is a brilliant human. He’s kind, enthusiastic, persistent, incredibly talented and is simply a joy to be around.

You can listen in here as the three chat about the lessons from 2020, unlock the learning and get ready to bounce forward into 2021.

The podcast show notes from Ricky himself capture what this conversation was all about:

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a tough year.

And although it was tough, it did also bring some wonderful things too. Looking back at 2020 is so important if we want to bounce into 2021.

“In a world where we are supposed to be socially distant, I have never felt more connected to people than in 2020.” – Bev Holden

In this episode, Bev Holden & Kate Miles-Roberts from The Clear Thinking Partnership joined me for a discussion on reflecting on our experiences of 2020 to help us grow in 2021.

Bev & Kate have a passion for making a difference in how people think at work. They help individuals and teams have a better experience of life at work by understanding how our thinking shapes our experience. And in this episode, we really take a deep dive into understanding why 2020 can really help our thinking this year.

This is a really powerful episode and one I am so happy to kick off season 2 with.

Yes, it was hard, it was frustrating both personally and financially, it will go down as the worst year ever for my business. But… the year did bring collaboration, support, love and human kindness that I will forever be grateful for.

In this episode, we unlock…

Why looking back at 2020 is really important for our growth and success in 2021.
Why we shouldn’t neglect the experiences of 2020
How we can make our businesses more human
How we can create a magical customer experience in 2021
Top tips for clear thinking in 2021.

Unlock all of Ricky’s episodes from here https://unlocked.captivate.fm/episodes

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