image of cards for clear thinking

Cards for Clear Thinking: A Fresh Batch

The new Cards have landed! Here are the facts….

A full deck: There are now 52 cards; there are 12 brand new cards

Boxing clever: The deck now comes in a box

Ideas to inspire: A set of Ideas Cards inspires the ‘player’ to get creative with them

Answers on a postcard: We have 2 sizes of card, A6 (postcard) and A7 (big business card)

Spares: There are spare cards so you can build uniqueness into the deck

It’s personal: Many of the visuals are very personal to us because we took the photos ourselves. They feature special people and special places.

Thinking Out Loud: We’ve started to think out loud about each card and document our thinking on video, to build a virtual library of resources

Wanna play: We’re hosting a Playgroup to experiment with the deck and uncover more activities and applications

Evolution not revolution: We’ve been quietly using them for several years and this is the 4th or 5th iteration

Simple, powerful and portable

More to follow….

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