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Dying For A Life: Kirsty Mac chats with Kate

In the spring of 2021 a chat happened….between Kirsty Mac and Kate as part of the Dying for a Life conversations. Not quite so serious as it first might sound. Chats with Kirsty are always uplifting and thoughtful, this one is no exception.

Here’s what Kirsty says in the show notes:

The Dying for a life podcast explores a lot about death (the multiple daily deaths and endings) and the rebirths that happen. In this episode I am talking to the incredible Kate Miles Roberts.

Kate is a delightful human who so happens to do incredible work in businesses as a coach, facilitator, speaker – all of the things! This story has multiple endings and beginnings and you will hear Kates amazing story and her tenacity, focus and enormous heart. Her

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kate and Bev (who both run the Clear Thinking Partnership) and its always fun and impactful. They have been stalwarts through the pandemic creating spaces for people to talk and learn.

And you can find all Kirsty’s podcast episodes here https://feed.podbean.com/dyingforalife/feed.xml

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