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Business Problems Solved with Lee Houghton

How many times can 3 people say the word ‘thinking’ in 43 minutes? The answer is, quite a lot!

Lee Houghton is “THE Business Problem Solver”, a Management Consultant, CX Specialist and Keynote Speaker. And he asks brilliant questions.

Lee solves business problems and he gathers stories from people in the hope of changing lives for the better. In a world where optimum productivity is the goal, it can be hard to see how thinking could ever make it onto the to-do list. This conversation with Bev & Kate aims to nudge it up the list of priorities.


  • Wisdom so often resides in a room with people in it. The purpose of Clear Thinking is to create a sense of ease and comfort, which in turn encourages the perspectives, input and wisdom of those in the room.
  • Thinking is the most important starting point for any endeavour.
  • Every thought we have affects the way that we feel. This in turn affects the way we behave or operate. Therefore, effective thought is at the heart of every action.
  • Effective coaching is the form that causes people to think, and to try and find the solution for themselves.


‘We love creating environments where clear thinking is inevitable’

‘Some of the greatest business minds in the world do the thinking’

‘We’re helping people to “be” in the moment’

‘The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first’

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