Cards for Clear Thinking on Deckhive

Clear Thinking on Deckhive

We’re excited that our Cards for Clear Thinking have found a new home in the virtual world on Deckhive and we’re taking the opportunity to share this introductory webinar with you.
In it, Kate describes how being artfully vague leaves room for a spark of inspiration, the value of the other side of the cards and the insights that can be revealed. She also talks about how inviting people to think deeply about words and what they mean, free’s them from the need to be right or wrong and presents the opportunity to think really differently. The session also features our brilliant friend and colleague Lyn Paxman who shares her story about practically using the cards to stimulate some artistic creation.
We hope that you’ll agree that this online opportunity to use the Cards for Clear Thinking really does open up the possibilities of the virtual world. And even when you’re not physically able to be in a room with others, it provides a brilliant opportunity that is equally engaging.    

Here’s the video…

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