Scenario for using the Cards for Clear Thinking with an entrepreneurial teenager

Helping an Entrepreneurial Teen to Think Clearly

Part of the Card Conversations series

Toni’s story of how she supported her niece, an entrepreneurial teen, is such a great example of helping someone to think clearly by encouraging them to think for themselves. Obviously we love the story because Toni used the Cards for Clear Thinking to bring another dimension to the conversation and to support her niece towards some clearer thinking and good decision making. Lovin’ your work Toni!

What conversations do you have, at home and at work, where a deck like this could help someone explore their thinking really well? Drop into the Card Cafe for some ideas.

But for now, enjoy the episode!

Introduction and Background (00:15)

    • Bev and Toni reflect on their history, having known each other since 2015 and worked on various projects together.
    • Introduction to the topic of the Clear Thinking Cards and their recent use by Toni.

    Using the Cards for Personal Planning (01:10)

      • Toni shares how she helped her niece, a college student on a hair and beauty course, plan her steps to start her own business.
      • Emphasis on time management and planning, with Toni developing templates and questions to guide her thinking.
      • Insight into using the cards to identify the right mood or energy needed for tasks.

      Practical Application and Benefits (02:40)

        • The cards provided a quick and effective way to compile a list of moods and energies, helping Toni create a comprehensive tool for her niece.
        • Discussion on how prompts from the cards can help in both ruling things out and focusing thoughts, making the thinking process more accessible.

        Impact and Feedback (05:40)

          • Toni talks about the impact on her niece, including broadening her perspective and planning more effectively.
          • The conversation touches on the importance of practice and persistence in developing these new thinking habits.

          Personal Reflections (06:55)

            • Toni reflects on how she can use the cards in her own planning and admits to sometimes neglecting her own advice.
            • Bev and Toni discuss the challenges young people face with executive function and how the cards can help bridge this gap.
            • Bev reflects on the importance of helping young people to think for themselves.

            Closing Thoughts (08:28)

              • Bev and Tony conclude with reflections on the value of the Clear Thinking cards and using them in-the-moment.

              Key Takeaways:

              • The Cards for Clear Thinking create a simple structure to support anyone in expressing their thinking, on both personal and professional issues.
              • Being in the right mood (state) or putting the right kind of energy into tasks can enhance productivity and effectiveness.
              • Consistent practice and application of these tools can help develop better planning and thinking habits.
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