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Energising TeamsIn any situation, getting from where you are to where you want to be often involves the use of a range of strategies and tools.

Our clients have found that a good diagnostic tool can help to quickly uncover insights that were previously hidden, give individuals and teams an understanding of their impact on others and establish a common language that can be used as a framework as they develop and progress.

We’re fans of the Team Management Systems suite of tools including the Team Management Profile, Linking Skills Profile, Opportunity Orientation Profile and Team Performance Profile.

We’ve also recently we’ve started to incorporate ENGAGE and Emergenetics into our work, and we’re seeing superb results from using these two very different instruments.

What our customers say…

My team were ready for some investment in their personal development. Just taking the time to help them understand themselves and by putting it into the context of natural preference, it started to stimulate people's thinking.

It's helped them to be more conscious and more intentional in their approach. Discovering that we had an Upholder Maintainer in the team has meant that we have a strong focus on ensuring that the conditions are in place for effective team working.

Bev's style was open and friendly but challenging too; she didn't let people of the hook easily. She is good at asking questions that help the team think things through and find their own answers. 

Claire WojciukHead of HR Customer and Financial Services Home Retail Group PLC

Clear Thinking brought a fresh perspective to our top management team in a thoughtful and professional manner. Cynics were won over, and the conclusions became a mandate for action that has continued to help us over 9 months later.

Darren HallTransformation ManagerGovernment Office for the South West

Working with Bev to have the 360 review, TMSDI Linking Skills Profile and Team Management Profile was beneficial in helping me understand my strengths and how to utilize them, and opportunities for improvement and how to bolster them. As a result of going through these processes, I have made modifications to my behaviour that has helped be a more effective manager and allowed me to contribute more to the business.

Senior Commercial Manager

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