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Being Me & Discovering the Ease in My Goals

Bev recently encountered a challenge that we believe many of us can relate to: knowing what needs to be done to achieve a goal but struggling to apply ourselves to the task. Here’s a method to break through that barrier, which might also help you find clarity and progress in your own goals.

1. Identify the Qualities Needed for the Goal: Bev started by listing out the qualities she needed to successfully achieve her goal. This involved reaching for the Cards for Clear Thinking as a way to uncover these necessary attributes, selecting any that seemed relevant.

2. Assess Your Natural Attributes: Next, Bev selected again from the same deck of Cards, this time choosing Cards that represented her…naturally. This self-assessment was crucial in understanding her inherent strengths and tendencies.

3. Find the Crossover: By comparing the two sets of Cards, Bev identified areas where her natural attributes aligned with the qualities needed for her goal. This crossover consisted of nine specific attributes that would guide her.

4. Plan Accordingly: Using these nine attributes, she devised a strategy that leverages her natural strengths. Instead of conforming to a prescribed method, she chose to follow a path that, while not necessarily easier, felt more authentic and manageable for her.

Key Thought: The epiphany here is about aligning our goals with who we are being. Often, we push ourselves to fit into molds based on external expectations or “received wisdom.” However, real progress and satisfaction come from utilising our genuine attributes and strengths. This approach might not always be the easiest, but it provides a sense of ease and authenticity that makes the journey more sustainable and fulfilling.

You can watch the 2 minute video here, where Bev describes what she did 👇🏼

If you find yourself knowing what needs to be done but struggling to apply yourself to the task, if you’re feeling stuck, consider this: instead of forcing yourself to work in a way that feels unnatural, think about how you can adapt your approach to better suit your unique qualities. This shift in perspective could be the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your goals.

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences on this topic. Let’s inspire each other to think afresh and tackle our challenges with authenticity and clarity.

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This approach not only helped Bev, but it could also be a game-changer for anyone struggling to meet their objectives. Align your strategies with who you are being, and things start to fall into place. We’re Bev & Kate and we’ll help you sort out who you are being from what you are doing, until you know that you can think clearly, for yourself.

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