Bringing people together to work collaboratively sounds easy but you might have noticed that, in practice, it’s far from it. Even if you have invested time and money to structure your organisation for optimum performance, without your people demonstrating the right kind of thinking and behaviour, the results you’re looking for are unlikely to come at the speed you want. 

 “People are complicated, teams are imperfect and organisations are complex.”

When collaboration isn’t working it affects how your people feel about their work, their ability to be creative, and their productivity. It affects the pace of innovation, your customer’s satisfaction and your profitability!

But it can change. Your people can master their own psychology, to think clearly and more powerfully. By upgrading their individual and collective skills, teams can find the balance they need to make an effective contribution more of the time. The organisation can optimise the collaborative environment, both the physical and the virtual, to find simplicity and accelerate performance.

Collaboration Cards

One of our favourite and most successful ways to get people to start thinking about collaboration is through our Clear Thinking Collaboration Cards. We use them to talk abut what matters to people and to create agreements about how people will work together and make their best contribution.






The Team Management Profile

As well as using the Collaboration Cards, we’ve been accredited in the Team Management Profile for 10 years and have used this tool with hundreds of people in teams to explore the specific ways in which they might work together better. It’s proven to be a powerful way to give people insight into their preferences at work and how they fit with the people around them. You can learn more about why we love the TMP here

Collaboration Matters…

We say more abut the importance of collaboration in this blog post, where we explore behaviour, conditions and reality.




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