Over the summer, to refuel, rejuvenate and think more clearly, I will…

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20160719_094737August is a month of rejuvenation for us and for working on the business. This year we’ve decided that Clear Thinking will be at Summer School for the whole of the month of August.

The past two years have been hectic, in a good way, but it has derailed our plans for the business a little, so we’re getting back on track and ruthlessly protecting the working time we have in August so we have some time to let our little bit of genius out.

We’re slowing the pace right down, so we can be inspired by people and places, by conversations and observations. We have three school ‘projects’ on the curriculum. Art. Science. Philosophy. All three link to our work on collaboration, innovation and creativity.

We asked our community what they would be doing over the summer. This is what Lyn told us……

And over the summer, to refuel, rejuvenate and think more clearly I will……

……listen to the birds when I have my morning cup of tea, notice the nature around me, connect to my heart and let my mind wander.


What will you be doing? Leave a reply…your thoughts might just inspire someone else!

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