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Connect People: The How and The Why?

Bev’s been giving some thought to how we connect people to each other in the learning space, and more to the point, why!

During a conversation at Clear Thinking recently she summarised what she thought our role in the learning space was. Just off the top of her head, without too much thinking.

Build a community

In just 3 bullet points, here it is…….

connect people

Now, she doesn’t actually remember saying these things out loud, as is often the case.

But her words stuck in our heads and so she’s fleshed out her off-the-cuff remarks into some useful thoughts.

The learning space, whether real or virtual, is a place where we can build a community. People are already there because they share a common goal to learn and grow.

Use the wisdom in the room

There is great wisdom in the collective minds of those assembled. It makes sense to put our attention on the relationships between the learners. We can use those relationships to enrich the learning experience.

In the handwritten list below you’ll see some of the tactics that have worked well with the people we’re often in a room with.

What do you do to connect people when you have them in room together?

connect people

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