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Hello! I’m Kate Hargreaves, and I’m Bev Holden. We’re business partners and co-founders of the Clear Thinking Partnership and we’ve been working together for over a decade!

“Good fun to work with; highly intelligent, sparky people.”

People say lots of great things about working with us, but the way this client summed us up is one of our favourites! We pride ourselves in keeping up to date and relevant and we love anything new and shiny, so you can be confident that we’re bang up to date with what’s out there in the world of learning and beyond.

Our partnership allows us to collaborate on a daily basis. We’ve worked on projects both locally and globally, from recruitment to exit and everything in between. The type of projects we love to engage with tend are the ones that inspire us, and give us the scope to innovate, and bear the hallmarks of great collaboration…..good dialogue, openness, respectful, energising and fun.

Our name, Clear Thinking, is not an accident. At the heart of our business is the core belief that the way we think dramatically influences our success and if we can ‘get the head right’ everything else will follow. We are happiest when we are using our knowledge and experience to help our clients to access their innate ability to think clearly, helping them to see how it impacts every aspect of their lives. and the contribution they make.

If you want to know a little more about how we got to today, here’s our potted history….

Bev’s early career began on a famous Blackpool pier and a strong desire to try new things led to a variety of management roles around the UK with J Sainsbury, Burger King, Tops Shop & Top Man, Adams Childrenswear and Disney Store.

Bev has oodles of practical hands-on management experience from her career with some of the best known brands in the UK, and her breakthrough into people management came at Disney Store. After the perfect grounding with one of the best brands in the world, Bev joined the HR team at Argos for the next exciting chapter in her career.

After graduating from Liverpool University Kate’s career began in production management with ‘the most innovative ice cream company in the world,’ and our paths came dangerously close when Kate was opening the first 20 screen multiplex cinema for UCI, and Bev was opening the Disney Store, both at Manchester’s Trafford Centre. But it wasn’t until Kate took an opportunity work with Argos that our paths finally crossed.

We’ve worked for some truly inspiring people during our careers, run departments and whole business units, led virtual teams of various sizes in locations all around the UK, gracefully handled complex customer situations and used our wisdom to sort out tricky people issues. We’ve made all the kind of mistakes that managers make when they lead teams, all of which have stood us both in good stead for the work we do now.

To be honest, we fell naturally into people management roles, informally at first, then with the HR and L&D teams at Disney Store and Argos. So we gathered some technical expertise in people development to go with our operational experience. This combination of skills and experience has equipped us to deliver something special for our clients for over a decade.

With hundreds of hours of training design, facilitation and coaching under our belts, we’ve honed our skills with further study and supervision and continue to find ways to improve on what we do every day.

As well as our professional qualifications, we’re thrilled to be ENGAGE® Practitioners, some of the first in the UK. Bev is CLARITY Practitioner #0022, Kate is accredited to administer the Emergenetics profile. Just for fun we’re also trained as Laughter Yoga Leaders! Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!

You can find out more about us via our Linked In pages and connect with us there. Just click on the photos!



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