Pushed To The Limits Of Comfortable

The Challenge

Knauf Insulation is the UK's leading Insulation Company. Their Commercial Director asked Clear Thinking to design and deliver a team event that would create an environment that would push team members to the limits of ‘comfortable' and allow them to confront and uncover both limiting and empowering  personal behaviours.

The Solution

Our client had a clear idea of the outcome that he wished to achieve and also had an idea of the elements that he wanted to include in the event. At Clear Thinking we saw it as our job to ask the questions that unpicked his thinking and we worked with him to review appropriate psychometric tools and to create a bespoke 360 that was designed to achieve the desired outcome.

The event was created with the Knauf Commercial team firmly in mind and was designed to offer a balance of personal insight and feedback. Great care was taken to ensure that the Team Boost event offered a challenging and supportive environment to maximise the learning impact and to provide each participant with the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their team via the Team Management Profile â„¢ and understand more about their personal impact via the results of a 360 feedback process.

An important element of the Team Boost design was the opportunity for each individual within the team to reflect on their 360 feedback results in private with a qualified coach and then work with the whole of their team to ask clarifying questions, understand the nuances of the feedback and work on actions to resolve issues and leverage strengths.

The Results

Team Boost created an intense learning environment and each member of the team received direct, honest and ‘live' insight and feedback from their fellow team members. Comfort zones were stretched and tough messages were given and received with maturity and candour. Personal insight was raised and clear future actions for both individuals and the team as a whole were agreed.

Clear Thinking worked closely with Knauf to design a two day event to help with the forming of a senior commercial team. The event included preference profiling and 360 degree feedback.

Clear Thinking, led by Kate Hargreaves, provided excellent support in project managing the event from initial conceptto the delivery of individual action plans. Kate facilitated the event, adding significant value and achieved full buy-in from all members of the team.

The results have been clearly tangible and I can only thank Kate for notably speeding up the process of team forming. Everyone has referred to the event on at least a weekly basis and, for at least one member of the team, it has led to – get ready for the cliche – “life changing behavioural changes.” 

David AdamsCommercial DirectorKnauf Insulation

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