Improving the performance of people and teams by helping them to think more clearly than ever before

Welcome to Clear Thinking

We have a passion for making a difference to how people think at work. We want them to access a ‘state of mind’ that makes them better at leading, collaborating and innovating. We want them to give their best performance and to love their work too; it’s such a big part of life.

To have a better experience of life at work we need to see exactly how our thinking shapes our experience, moment-to-moment.

Imagine sitting at the heart of a snow globe. The snow swirling around represents the busy and unpredictable nature of your thoughts. All those flakes of thought create a blizzard. You can’t see through, the view is obscured. But if you stop shaking the snow globe, flakes of thought settle…… and clarity emerges.

Our approach to the ‘state of mind’ underpins all our work in the fields of Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation. By creating the right environment and conditions, we’re able to help people to find clarity. As the mind clears, they become more connected to, and present in, the moment, free from the distraction of their thoughts.

Without this understanding we’re all prone to frustration, stress and worry, strained relationships, distraction and sub-potential performance. With this understanding we all have the potential to make our highest value contributions to meet the most significant needs of the people, teams and organisations we are surrounded by.


As you take a look around our website, you find out more about our work and what our clients think about us too. If you think you might enjoy working with us, we’ve made it really easy for you to get in touch so you can share your story with us and explore what might be possible. In the meantime, if you’d like to keep track of what we get up to at Clear Thinking, you can follow our blog. There’s a box over on the left of the page where you can sign up.

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