#3 Collaborate with brighter minds

Choose the brightest of thinking partners, get stuck in and marvel at the possibilities that present themselves! Don't be scared; it will push you to think widely and to stretch your mind.

Throughout our working lives we've benefited from working and collaborating with some truly amazing people. In fact, if you've read our 7 ½ Things People Should Think About If They Want To Learn More And Max Out Their Talent, you’ll see it's in our top three.

We know that collaborating helps us remain match fit and able to tackle just about anything, and to be honest we don't want to do it all alone. This means we've become experts at spotting and getting to know some extraordinary people from the field of people development.

The Sticky Thinking* Forum is a carefully chosen team of colleagues who share our passion for people & organisations, and bring a wide range of expert skills and operational experience to the Clear Thinking team.

As well as supporting us to fulfill our mission to increase management capability and accelerate team performance, the Forum acts as a ‘think tank' and Personal Learning Network, where members collaborate, challenge and continue to develop together by sharing knowledge and expertise.


* We think that new knowledge, insight and appreciation should stick to you like a burr on a jumper!  Sticky Thinking is our own brand of return on investment; it describes learning that is not just short term, quickly falling by the wayside as it's relevance fades, but learning that truly resonates and becomes part of your  future approach to people, to management and to your personal development strategy.



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