A Backdrop for Fast Integration of New Team Members

homeretailThe Challenge:

Clear Thinking was engaged to work with the Operations Leadership Team to ensure they were equipped to deliver the best possible performance as individuals and as a team. This was a team with diverse responsibilities and a challenging business agenda in a fast paced organisation.


The Result:


The Solution:

A tailored programme of activity to meet the needs of individuals and the team, which was shaped through collaboration with all team members. The first step was to identify what was making the team great, considering the attitudes and behaviours that contributed to its success to establish a firm foundation for future growth.


Using the Quarterly Team Meeting as a platform for this development programme we helped the team to disconnect from their day to day responsibilities and focus on their effectiveness. The team had input before each session to shape the content and the ideal outputs. As we progressed through the programme they used what they were learning and noticing about what was happening within and outside the team to keep topics current and relevant.


Each session built on the last and the team were exposed to new concepts and ideas, and encouraged to experiment with them and mould them to suit the way they worked together. We established structure for the sessions so that the team could ultimately become self-sufficient and manage their on-going team development as a peer group.


Richard Joyce, Operations Director, Customer Services at Home Retail Group: Bev provided key steps through pragmatic and engaging sessions to enable the team to recognise and move towards high performance team working.

Andrew Ashby, Operations Leader at Home Retail Group: The sessions with Bev were well planned and facilitated; she has great understanding of the behaviour & preference models. Bev has a naturally pleasant style and worked well with the team.


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