This is the work we do to help people discover their personal leadership potential, and give them the confidence to use it. It has nothing to do with power and position. We put our attention on individuality, personal characteristics and strengths.

Rather than focusing in on what is lacking, we focus on what the person already has, what is special and unique about them, so that we uncover a firm foundation to build on.

We help people to discover what really matters to them, and how to express it naturally through what they do and how they choose to ‘be’!

We inspire them to inspire others, to take responsibility for their experience of life and to create the conditions where they can make their highest possible contribution in all aspects of their life.

Role modelling is important to us and people comment on the energy we bring to the projects we work on. This enthusiasm and vitality helps us to engage and inspire the teams we work with.

Here’s how we inspired Ricky……

“I wanted to take the time to say thank you to both of you for an absolutely fantastic couple of days of development. It has changed a lot for me in my personal and work life and it was such an awakening for me in the way I present myself, train, talk and how I personally value what I do and my relationships to people, thank you” 

Ricky Locke, National L&D Partner, Sainsbury’s Argos

The tools we use……

We incorporate some of the best leadership tools currently available to support our work in this area, tools including Emergenetics, a personality profile that separates thinking preferences from behaviours.

One of it’s most practical aspects is the app which puts profile data in the palm of your hand and allows you to look at your own profile and compare it to your colleagues. The app makes the profile accessible exactly when you need it, wherever you are and whoever you’re with. You can learn more about Emergenetics here


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