We’ve been helping clients for the past few years to transform their products and services. We’ve helped them to make incremental shifts, and sometimes big leaps, to protect their competitive advantage.

We create the right conditions for innovation, and use a simple yet robust process to channel curiosity, creativity and insights into something practical and meaningful that can have a positive impact on the business. This gives everyone, whether they consider themselves to be creative or not, a scaffold to give structure to tease out new thinking.

The Clear Thinking Innovation Sprint experience has helped our clients to tune into the skills they need in a ‘wildly changing world of work.’ It’s rapid fire, high energy, fun and fruitful. It can be done and dusted in half a day, or take a week of focused, deeper thinking.

We’ve developed our own innovation sprint process based on good practice, research and experiences with real people in organisations. One of the most powerful steps in the process is gathering customer feedback EARLY. Here’s a post about why it makes such a big difference.


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