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metaphor_chart_1Bev and I love learning new things and so when we came across Emergenetics and got the chance to become accredited to deliver the Emergenetics profile, I couldn’t have been happier.

You might be thinking, Emergenetics? Never heard of it! Well, if truth be told, neither had I.

I was introduced to it by a client, who had fallen in love with the app that supports the profile. Given my love of new and shiny things, it wasn’t long before I was signed up to get accredited.

Your emerging genetics

I was intrigued by the promise of a modern psychometric profile, linked closely to current neuroscience. Emergenetics looks at four Thinking attributes and three Behavioural attributes but doesn’t fix them together, like many other time-worn profiles do.

Emergenetics is rooted in the notion that who you are today is the emergence of your behaviour, genetic makeup and life experiences……your emerging genetics.

Our unique test

I had been assured of the profiles solid research base and strong validity, and this was great to hear. But Bev and I have our own very unique test for any psychometric profile that we take.

Over the years we’ve found that we are, psychometrically speaking, very similar. With MBTI we’re ENTP. With the TMSDI Team Management Profile, we’re both Explorer-Promoters.

In the case of Emergenetics we both have preferences for what is termed Conceptual Thinking & Social Thinking. (The other two thinking styles are Analytical and Structural, we don’t favour those two so much!). And we both have a strong tendency towards Expressiveness and Flexibility.  Where we differ is with Assertiveness – Bev gets her own way much more than I do! Joking!

Sometimes……it depends

I fall into what’s known as the ‘it depends’ part of the Assertiveness scale, and it struck me that this is very true for me. It does really ‘depend.’ In some situations I can be very determined to show my assertiveness. In other situations, I’m a bit more ‘meh.’ I like the nuance that the ‘it depends’ aspect brings to the profile.

There are several profiles on the market that are much better known than Emergenetics, but these are profiles based on research that took place many decades ago. As someone said to me very recently, “you wouldn’t still be driving a car from the 1920’s in 2016.” So there’s room for a different kind of profile, based on new knowledge we have about the way the brain works.

Start a conversation

No psychometric profile, however rigorously tested, tells the whole truth. By it’s very nature it is designed to simplify something that is inherently complex. But it does offer a version of the truth and is a good starting point for a conversation. Such conversations can opens people’s eyes, encourage them to ask better questions about themselves and deepens their understanding of how to get the best from their collaborations with others.

For those of you with a preference for Analytical Thinking, you can find out more about the science behind the profile right here.

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