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It can be difficult to get people to talk sometimes, especially about what really matters most to them at work. Games can make it easier to talk.

A good board game reminds us of rainy caravan holidays when we were children. It was easy to forget the rain and become immersed in the roll of the dice and the turning of an hourglass. And a good board game can work wonders for your team if you want them to cut to the chase and start talking about what really matters for their success.

We’re talking about TEAM TALK®, the cornerstone of the Straight Talking session. It’s an elegantly simple and thought provoking tool, and it’s perfect for busy teams who have important and sometimes tricky things to talk about but are wondering exactly how to weave them into the conversation.

Straight Talking sessions can last a couple of hours or an entire day; it depends on exactly what you want to achieve and how much time you have to spend. However long you choose, you leave the session with a greater understanding of what makes the team tick and some concrete actions.

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for a great day yesterday. I thought the session was absolutely fantastic!! We had fun, aired some stuff which has been rumbling along for a while and got to a manageable number of actions; what a day! You let the session run so that we didn’t stop the debate when the going got tough and as a result we are in a much better place.

TraceyFinance ManagerThird Sector Organisation

The format created opportunities to explore subjects that probably wouldn’t have cropped up in day to day conversation.

It gave me some useful insight into my colleagues and their thinking.

I’d recommend it because it’s a fun way to communicate and it really promotes open discussion about both positive and negative aspects of the team working together. It’s a unique tool.

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