Seven and a Half Things

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Seven & A Half Things from Clear Thinking

People need the right conditions if they are to learn, think and grow well. Here are 7 1/2 suggestions for what might help.

#1 Remember that EVERY DAY’S A SCHOOL DAY!

Start to notice the limitless opportunities that you have to learn from what happens to you, every single day.

This is our absolute favourite thought, and so it’s the perfect place to start.

#2 Take full responsibility for everything that’s within your control

There’s no point in wasting energy and thinking power by blaming others for your situation.

Stop wallowing.  You are where you are! Deal with it by considering your options and choosing your response wisely.

#3 Collaborate with brighter minds than yours

Choose the brightest of thinking partners, get stuck in and marvel at the possibilities that present themselves! Don’t be afraid; you will be pushed to think widely and to stretch your mind.

#4 Laugh till your cheeks ache

Laughing is good for you. Laugh for no reason at all, release endorphins, get a mental boost, de-stress, feel energised and be surprised by a new quality of thinking that follows.

#5 Get Physical

Walk, jump, stride, or amble.

You decide; just do something that gets you up and moving about. Any time of day will do and even 60 seconds is better than nothing!

With the blood pumping through your body faster, your brain will get all the oxygen it needs to do a much better job of thinking.

#6 Decide Quickly

That unmade decision you’re procrastinating about is taking up valuable thinking space and reduces your capacity to think about other great things. Decide quickly ….and move on!

#7 Try New Experiences

Our brains love novelty, so by trying out something new, we make new connections in our brains, and increase the possibility of thinking new thoughts. 

You can try a food, a smell, an activity, a place, an experience; literally anything out of the ordinary will make a difference. 

And the ½


 If you’re not getting enough ‘zeds’ then you’re probably not having your best thoughts! 

No more burning the candle at both ends, take sleep seriously and make sure you get what you need to be in top form for thinking.


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