Podcast: Stacking The Deck In Your Favour

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Back in November, Jamie Smart and I spent the day together at Trendwatching Live. We were getting an understanding of the global trends and innovations that would be having an impact on our work and  lives in 2017 and beyond.

We bunked off class a couple of times during the day, missing the programmed sessions, because we were so engrossed in our conversation. It was during one of these conversations that Jamie asked if he could interview me for his Exponential Practice Podcast.

YEPP 18: Bev Holden – Stacking The Deck In Your Favour

Jamie prepared me well beforehand. He sensed I had a story to tell that would be helpful for his listeners so I placed myself in his capable hands. Those of you who’ve seen  the Collaborate Live Series know that it’s usually me doing the interviewing so this was less familiar territory for me.

Jamie is a great listener so he tuned into the subtle points of my story and with curiosity, he took the conversation in different directions to unpick what it was that had got me to today.

When you look back, if you reflect well, you can spot the moments in your history when there was an important turning point, a fork in the road or a complete u-turn. Some of that is affected by the circumstances and some by the people who were there at the time, but you remain the central character, after all it’s your story. During Jamie’s interview I reflect on some of the circumstances and some of the people who have made a difference to me and played a part in my story. It was fun to record it and so I hope you enjoy it and can take something valuable away from it.

2017 is a significant year for The Clear Thinking Partnership as we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary! 

We’ll reveal more about our celebrations as the year unfolds but it seems apt that we start the year with this blog post which describes early experiences that shape what we do today. Thanks to everyone who’s been part of the Clear Thinking story over the past 10 years and for allowing us to be part of your story too. It’s been an honour! 

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