Grasping Talent

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You might work in a business sector that has a huge pool of talent to choose from. That’s lucky! Or you might be so niche that the pool is more of a murky puddle.

Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, you’ll want to recruit the very best person available. You’ll want to be confident that they will be a priceless addition to your operation, from day one!

When we get involved in a recruitment and selection project we start with you, your people and your business, well before we go anywhere near a candidate. Once we’ve got to grips with you, your aspirations and your ideal candidate, then we can begin.

We design and facilitate selection processes that explore how candidates think, collaborate and innovate. We encourage you to involve the existing team in the whole process. By exposing candidates to a variety of relevant and challenging tests, scenarios and challenges, you can see the ‘real’ person in action. This leads to easier recruitment decisions based firmly on reality and plenty of evidence.

Every process is different, because every client need something different. Bev leads our work in this area, using lots of years of corporate experience hiring for Disney Store and Argos. One of the biggest lessons she learned that she brings to this work, is to resist being tempted to settle for ‘good enough.’ The perfect candidate does exist. Why would you settle for the hard work and heart ache that comes with choosing second best?

The support provided in managing recruiters, screening candidates and coordinating the selection process was timely and professional.   Utilizing Clear Thinking's services gave me the additional capacity to complete my day-to-day tasks and bring on 3 critical hires that fit well with the organization, bring targeted skills, and round out the capabilities of the team.

Senior Commercial Manager

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