Energising Teams with a Team Boost

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When time is short but you want to do something to get your team to stop and think about how they are at working together, then it’s the fast and furious Team Boost event that can create the conditions for high quality reflection and refocus your team, energising them to achieve peak performance.

Whether a new or an existing team, the focus is on understanding, appreciation and trust. And it moves the team to a point where they are perfectly positioned to achieve their business objectives because they know how to leverage their strengths and their differences for team advantage.

Best of all, it takes just 48 hours of team time to do what’s necessary. Oh, and just so you know, it’s not one of those raft building, soapy inflatable and telegraph pole leaping kind of events, but it does involve lots of interaction, fearless feedback and with a good dose of ‘ah ha’ moments and general merriment thrown in.

Clear Thinking worked closely with Knauf to design a two day event to help with the forming of a senior commercial team. The event included preference profiling and 360 degree feedback.

Clear Thinking, led by Kate Hargreaves, provided excellent support in project managing the event from initial conceptto the delivery of individual action plans. Kate facilitated the event, adding significant value and achieved full buy-in from all members of the team.

The results have been clearly tangible and I can only thank Kate for notably speeding up the process of team forming. Everyone has referred to the event on at least a weekly basis and, for at least one member of the team, it has led to – get ready for the cliche – “life changing behavioural changes.” 

David AdamsCommercial DirectorKnauf Insulation

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