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We’ve just taken delivery of a fresh batch of Collaboration Cards; this is our most up to date version.

In the summer we worked with a small team of people who wanted to have more impact through their work.

To set the scene for working together, we used the Collaboration Cards to make agreements about what great interactions would look like, how we would communicate, what the boundaries were; all the kind of stuff that creates the bedrock for spending quality time learning together.   

The results were powerful. People expressed what was truly important to them in a successful learning environment. They used the words to tell stories about past experiences and to define what success would look like for them in this situation.

The Collaboration Card Project has been running for a couple of years now. We originally designed them to help us facilitate conversations with our clients and they’ve proven to be so much of a hit that we’re now shipping them to clients for them to use with their own teams.

These cards are bigger than their predecessors! They’ve grown from business card size to postcard size, and we’ve included lots of original artwork too.There are 40 cards in each set plus we’ve added a couple of blanks to allow for the addition of new words to the deck. Each deck has been shrink wrapped to keep the cards safe in transit.

We’re also working on building a library of activities to use with the Cards, and we’ll be releasing them soon!

We’re excited to be bundling up our first shipment to send out this week. We hope their new owners love them as much as we do!

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